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All actual information about COVID-19 (prevention, statistics, symptoms and more) you can find on WHO website and in Google feed.

2019 divided the history of most countries into «before» and «after». We are talking about a pandemic that has swept the whole world. The SARS-CoV-2 virus was first identified among residents of Hubei province (China). In just a few months, a disease called Covid-19 has spread to the inhabitants of the entire planet. USA and Norway were not an exception.

Why is covid so dangerous? Regardless of the level of development of a particular state, medical care and other factors, millions of people have become victims of the coronavirus. According to the latest data, this figure is 238 257 028 people, among the total — 4 857 241 deaths. The main symptoms of the disease are: shortness of breath, high fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell. The world’s leading countries have developed or are working on the production of their own vaccines that protect against COVID-19. Naturally, vaccination is not a 100% guarantee of protection against coronavirus, however, when infected, the disease is transferred much easier.

According to current data (statistics for Tuesday, 12 October 2021), the number of cases in Norway is 193 734 people, total deaths are 871, and 33 503 are sick right now. Such statistics forced the government of the state of Norway to impose certain restrictions on flights and border crossing.

Is it allowed to enter Norway from USA?

Current statistics on the restrictions on entry to Norway:

  • Open to citizens: Yes
  • Open to s: Partially
  • Open to foreigners and tourists: Partially
  • Quarantine (lockdown) in Norway: No

During the most «acute» periods of the pandemic, the following restrictions are applied in Norway:

  1. Foreigners can enter the territory of Norway only if absolutely necessary: study in Norway, employment, residence permit. For more information about the conditions of entry, read the official sources of the government: https://no.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/
  2. Availability of the test:

All countries are divided into 3 main categories by the Ministry of Health:

  • «Green» (low rate of spread of coronavirus)
  • «Orange» (average rate of spread of coronavirus)
  • «Red» (high rate of spread of coronavirus)

In this regard, the government acts in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Association. The distribution of states into separate categories is updated regularly. At the moment, USA ranks among the states of the «Orange» category.

The main reasons for the introduction of new restrictions are coronavirus mutations, an increase in the number of cases, and insufficient vaccination rates.

Rules for entering Norway from USA in 2021

At the moment, Norway is partially opened to foreigners, including s. Quarantine measures are applied to tourism and trade.

Before travelling to Norway, s must pass the PCR test no earlier than 72 hours in advance and submit a written document of an international standard (in English). Also, at the time of arrival, there should be no signs of SARS (fever, chills, runny nose, cough, etc.).

Is it necessary to comply with quarantine and take a PCR test when entering Norway?

For which countries are the borders with Norway open?

Today (Tuesday, 12 October 2021) the borders of Norway are fully open for 21/ 38 countries, partially open for 30/ 38 countries. See how we collect data and find out why not all countries are included in the statistics.

List of countries for which the borders with Estonia are partially or completely open:

In Norway, bars and restaurants work with restrictions, all shops work without restrictions. Public events (exhibitions, concerts, museums, etc.) are allowed but with restrictions.

Foreigners can cross the border if all the conditions for entering the country are strictly kept to:

Norway opens to travellers from more countriesFrom Saturday, 25 September at 16:00, Norway is permitting entry for all EU/EEA citizens, including people from other countries who reside in the EEA and in the UK and Switzerland, in addition to citizens of purple-rated countries (https://bit.ly/3BbzASc) outside the EEA/Schengen Area.I have a valid COVID certificate: All travellers from European and other approved (purple-rated) countries who are fully vaccinated or who have documentation confirming that they have been infected with COVID-19 during the last six months, and who have valid, digital documentation of this, do not need to quarantine or undergo testing. Read more about entering Norway and about what is considered a valid COVID certificate. bit.ly/2WAL2b0I don’t have a valid COVID-19 Certificate:Entry quarantine-Entry quarantine shall no longer apply to children under 18 years of age.-Travellers from green and orange-rated areas do not need to quarantine.-Travellers from red, dark red, purple and grey-rated countries (other third party countries), remain subject to a duty to quarantine. Adults can leave entry quarantine if they have received negative results on a PCR test taken at the earliest 72 hours after arrival. The duty to take a PCR test seven days after arrival no longer applies.-You can quarantine for the mandatory period at a suitable location or at a quarantine hotel, if you so wish. During your quarantine, you should avoid close contact with others, with the exception of the people with whom you are travelling. The cost of staying at a quarantine hotel is NOK 500 per night for both private individuals (adults) and employees. Then these rules apply (if you come from a European country or a purple-rated country):Read more about rules for quarantine and testing upon arrival (https://bit.ly/3DogNUL)Testing-It is no longer a requirement for any travellers to take a coronavirus test prior to arriving in Norway.-You don’t have to take a test at the border if you are travelling from a green or orange-rated country/area, only from areas with a colour code that is subject to a duty to quarantine. This also applies for children, and a further test after 72 hours is also recommended for them.Travelling from all other countriesIf you live in most other countries outside the EU/EEA (including the US), and the country is not purple-rated, you are currently not permitted to enter Norway, unless one of the exemptions (https://www.udi.no/en/about-the-corona-situation/i-am-abroad/residing-in-a-country-outside-the-eu-eea-schengen/) on this page applies to you.Border crossingsSome travellers may experience a bit longer waiting times than normal on arrival at some airports and border controls in Norway, due to the need for testing and increased checks. Remember to arrive at the airport in good time before your departure. More information about flying to and from Norway is available at Avinor’s website (https://avinor.no/en/information-in-connection-with-the-coronavirus-covid-19/).Registration of arrival to NorwayIndividuals entering Norway from an area with a quarantine obligation must provide all necessary information to the authorities. All persons with a registration obligation must therefore submit their own registration form here reg.entrynorway.no/. One must also be able to provide confirmation of a suitable place to stay during the mandatory quarantine period.The following are exempt from entry registration:-Children under the age of 16 years -Travellers arriving from an area without a quarantine obligation -Travellers arriving from an area with a quarantine obligation, who are fully vaccinated, or have been infected with covid-19 in the last six months and can document this by presenting:-A Norwegian, Swedish or Danish COVID certificate with a QR code -An EU digital COVID certificate -An NHS Covid Pass from England or Wales with a QR Code, or a COVID certificate from Northern Ireland or Scotland with a QR CodeColour-coded mapMap with colour codes and information about testing and quarantine rules. (https://www.fhi.no/en/op/novel-coronavirus-facts-advice/facts-and-general-advice/entry-quarantine-travel-covid19/) Changes to colour ratings are usually announced on Fridays and new regulations take effect at midnight on the following Monday.

At the moment, there are no other restrictions on entering the territory of Norway. At the same time, the government recommends waiting for travel to countries with extremely high rates of covid-19 spread (red zone).

For which countries are the borders with USA open?

Today (Tuesday, 12 October 2021) USA’s borders are fully open to 0/ 38 countries, partially open — to 27/ 38 countries. See how we collect data and find out why not all countries are included in the statistics.

List of countries for which the borders with USA are partially or completely open:

In USA, bars and restaurants work with restrictions, all shops work without restrictions. Public events (exhibitions, concerts, museums, etc.) are allowed but with restrictions.

Foreigners can cross the border if all the conditions for entering the country are strictly kept to:

At the moment, there are no other restrictions on entry into USA. At the same time, the government recommends waiting for travel to countries with extremely high rates of covid-19 spread (red zone).

The cheapest flights to Norway from USA

The resumption of full-fledged air communication is gradual. At the moment, direct flights to Norway are limited, so it is possible to get to Norway with transfers. We offer the best air fares from USA to Norway. Today you have the opportunity to book tickets at an affordable price. A pandemic is not a barrier to business and travel.

We constantly monitor the situation with the spread of coronavirus and are always ready to provide you with up-to-date information.

Actual data of COVID-19 in Norway

Current coronavirus statistics in Norway:

  • Total cases of covid infection: 193 734
  • Sick right now: 33 503
  • Number of deaths: 871
  • Recent morbidity: declining

Situation with lockdown in Norway:

Commercial, public, and government services are generally open, though some have restricted capacities to adhere to social distancing policies. Regions with higher infection rates, e.g. Oslo and Viken, may have additional restrictions for commercial businesses

Actual data of COVID-19 in USA

Current statistics on coronavirus in USA:

  • Total cases of covid infection: 45 276 511
  • Sick right now: 33 376 335
  • Number of deaths: 734 310
  • Recent morbidity: declining

Situation with lockdown in USA:

Restrictions and closures now vary on a state-by-state basis, so please check our state-specific pages for details.The government has announced plans to mandate vaccinations for employees at any company with more than 100 employees. Unvaccinated worked will need to undergo weekly testing. This has not come into effect yet, as of September 16.President Joe Biden has mandated the use of masks in all airports, on public transportation that is deemed federal, which includes any transportation that crosses state lines. This includes many trains, airplanes and intercity buses.The CDC has announced on July 28 that masks should be worn indoors in any region deemed a hot-spot. On August 12 they announced (https://cnb.cx/3nLmoj5) that 90 percent of US counties were not hot-spots and masks should be worn indoors in these counties. Regions are now adjusting their rules accordingly.

Thus, the restrictions associated with the coronavirus dictate living conditions in 2021. Each state has developed its own border crossing rules and entry rules. It all depends on the general situation with the spread of COVID-19.

However, even in a pandemic, you can leave USA for Norway with the necessary permits:

When will Norway open its borders to USA and  during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2021?