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The year 2021 in many countries began under rather harsh conditions, with significant restrictions: curfew, movement restrictions, etc.

Despite this, the authorities of a number of countries, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, daily declare the maximum workload of the health care system and propose measures to reduce the number of cases. So, in dozens of states, a hard lockdown has been introduced. According to statistics, on April 22, 2021, 141 million cases of covid-19 were recorded in the world. The «leader» in the spread of coronavirus is still the United States — 32 million detected cases of covid 19.

Coronavirus in Hungary: statistics common for Hungary

As of 5 June 2021, 805 871 cases of infection were confirmed in Hungary, of which 29 842 people died.

When leaving Hungary, you should follow all precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones from being infected with the coronavirus.

Is it possible to leave Hungary today, in 2021?

In January 2021, due to an increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19, the Hungary government tightened measures. It was also associated with the emergence of a new, more dangerous strain of coronavirus (the so-called «British» strain).

In 2021, Hungary citizens were forbidden to travel to the territory of the «dark red zone» states. In these countries, mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been identified.

Currently, Hungary has moved to adaptive quarantine. Thus, it is allowed to leave Hungary for the territory of other states.

As for the conditions for residents of Hungary who work abroad, they are changing dynamically. For most neighbouring countries of Hungary, it is sufficient to provide a negative PCR test result.

  • Available countries for entry without restrictions:31/ 32
  • Available countries with restrictions: 17/ 32
  • Unavailable countries: 3/ 32

See how we collect data and find out why not all countries are included in the statistics.

Restrictions on leaving Hungary

Thus, under the conditions of adaptive quarantine, citizens can freely travel abroad to a number of countries. In turn, Hungary is partially open for tourism and foreigners, and completely for the return home of citizens (s).

Conditions when leaving Hungary

Conditions when leaving Hungary are governed by regulations and laws of other states to which a citizen is going to travel.

Most countries in the world are introducing an enhanced or facilitated regime in accordance with the general situation associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. To enter any other country from Hungary, you must provide a negative PCR test, as well as a standard set of documents: passport, visa (if countries have a visa regime). Also, at the time of crossing the border, a person should have no signs of SARS (fever, runny nose, cough).

Rules for leaving Hungary today: 5 June 2021

The rules for leaving Hungary on 5 June 2021 practically do not provide for serious restrictions. The main condition when returning to the territory of Hungary is to observe the rules for testing for coronavirus:

Negative COVID-19 test is required for all countries.

Which countries can you fly to or leave Hungary for

Today, 32 countries (the countries for which we collect data) around the world have moderate restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens. You can leave Hungary for other countries if you have a negative PCR test. In a number of states, self-isolation is possible, both upon arrival and upon return. It all depends on which group of states its territory belongs to («green», «orange», «red» zones).

List of countries that are available for travel from Hungary:

Which countries cannot you fly to or leave Hungary for

Undoubtedly, these are challenging times for travelers. In 2021, it is quite difficult to plan any travel in advance.

For example, leaving the countries-residents of the European Union or countries that are part of the Schengen area is possible without any serious restrictions. The main condition is that the country which the tourists are coming from must be in the green or orange zone.

List of countries which you cannot leave Hungary for:

Is it necessary to have a vaccination passport when leaving Hungary to another country?

Since 2021, many countries have been discussing the introduction of a single certificate (passport) for vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. So far, this measure has only been actively discussed by the governments of different countries. Therefore, at the moment, when leaving Hungary, a vaccination passport is not required.

Statistics in numbers: exit and entry for the country Hungary

Although the fight against Covid-19 continues, citizens are free to cross the borders of other states. The main condition is compliance with all quarantine measures. Thanks to this you will be able to travel safely without harm to health.

  • Available countries: 31/ 32
  • Available countries with restrictions: 17/ 32
  • Unavailable countries: 3/ 32

See how we collect data and find out why not all countries are included in the statistics.

Current data on COVID-19 in Hungary

As of 5 June 2021, there is a decrease in cases of coronavirus infection in Russia. More detailed statistics in numbers:

  • Total cases: 805 871
  • Currently sick: 61 700
  • Recovered: 714 329
  • Deaths: 29 842
  • Vaccinated: 5 227 318

You can track the most current information on the official WHO website:

Information about the openness of borders for entry and exit of other countries to which you can fly from Hungary

Today, most of the states of the world have opened their borders for the entry of citizens of other countries. If we are talking about tourism, the most closed countries can be called India, Indonesia, Spain, Italy.

Thus, despite the pandemic that has swept the whole world, you will be able to travel or go on business trips for work purposes to almost any corner of the world. Naturally, not forgetting about the precautions.

List of countries that are available for travel from Hungary:

List of countries that are partially accessible for travel from Hungary

How to leave and what are the rules, restrictions on leaving Hungary during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2021.