website was created by engineers who love to travel and wanted to track popular travel directions. We didn’t find ready-made tools in order to understand which country we can now go to, what conditions must be met in this case. This is how the idea came about to create a web service for tracking popular directions. We solved our problem and shared it with our friends and other users. The project is also the final thesis of one of the authors of the site.

If you have ideas for improving the service, suggestions or questions, then you can contact us by email. mail:

How we collect data

We collect data from official sources (WHO website), websites of governments of different countries, portal.

Due to the fact that there is a lot of information, we do not track all countries. If your country is not on our list, but you want to track it, then contact us: A complete list of countries that we track can be found on a separate page. We currently have 32 countries on our list.

About authors

Kirill Arutyunov
IT entrepreneur and Full Stack Developer. Writes blog about IT and development, launches online projects, advises entrepreneurs and other developers. Before the pandemic, he visited 30+ countries, he is waiting for a decrease in the incidence rate in all countries and the resumption of travel.

Sergey Prischepa
Candidate of Science (Engineering), entrepreneur. Has been engaged in internet marketing and web design for over 10 years. Examines the impact and relationship of the COVID-19 pandemic on the growth of search queries in various industries.